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The Harmony Phonostage is in stock.

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Introducing the Temple Audio Harmony Phono Pre Amp.

The Harmony phono pre amp is a very high quality source selection box and phono stage in one unit.

The Harmony allows you to conveniently select between two line level input connections (such as CD player, DAC etc) and one high quality Moving Magnet turntable input.

The phono pre amp is a unique temple audio design comprised of modern advanced ICs, film capacitors and high tolerance resistors to create a precision RIAA equalisation filter.
High or low gain can be selected from the front panel.

The input selection stage uses a high quality rotary switch to connect your desired input to the output. The inputs are chosen by rotating the selection knob. The line level inputs are completely passive and dont require power to function.

Phono Pre Amplifier features

  • Modern unique Temple Audio Phonostage design
  • Two stage, dual mono configuration
  • High and low gain suitable for all Moving Magnet cartridges
  • RIAA equalisation curve with advanced rumble filter
  • 47K 200pf load. (can be adjusted on request)

General / Switchbox features

  • All metal enclosure with CNC milled body and end panels.
  • Hard wearing glossy finish.
  • Small, simple to use and and compact.
  • Styled to match the Bantam Gold
  • Brand name Connectors(Neutrik).
  • Superior quality silver plated UK made selection switch.
  • 3 Year Warranty as standard!
  • Made in the UK.

We designed the Harmony Phono pre amp to complement the Bantam Gold. It addresses the main limitation of the Bantam Gold which is the Bantam Golds single line level input.

The Harmony has the same styling and build quality as the Bantam Gold. But it will work with any HiFi System to expand the number of input devices.

Power Supply Included.

The Harmony comes complete with a high quality, low noise 12V 1.2A power supply.
It works great with Sealed lead acid batteries, or any high quality power supply between 9V and 15V DC.

The PSU works on any voltage worldwide. The Harmony includes an appropriate power cord for your country

Upgrade your Audio Now.

The Harmony is backed up by a UK company, with full warranty and after sales support.


Purchase the Harmony Phono Pre Amp

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