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The XC3 is in stock, at a discounted introductory price.

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Introducing the Temple Audio XC3
Headphone Amp / pre-amp.

The XC3 is a third generation Class A amplifier that can be used as a high quality headphone amp or an active pre-amp for a high quality power Amplifier (such as the Temple Audio Monoblocks).

The XC3 uses an ultra linear Class A mosfet output design, evolved from the XC2. With an improved, directly coupled output stage.

The result is a headphone amp / pre-amp that is robust enough to drive two pairs of low impedance headphones effortlessly, with stunning sound quality.


  • Stereo Class A output stage.
  • Superior Clarity, hear every detail.
  • Self Balancing design
  • Twin High quality headphone outputs.
  • Line Output, active when headphones are not connected
  • Built in Linear Regulated power supply
  • Designed and manufactured entirely in Manchester, England.
  • Custom machined Aircraft grade aluminium enclosure
  • 3 Year Warranty

Temple Audio Quality.
The XC3 is built with the same no compromise approach as all temple audio products.
Years of development and manufacturing in the UK have allowed us to make products that out perform anything in their price bracket.

Internal Power supply.
The XC3 has a built in toroidal linear regulated power supply which Temple Audio has designed to be ultra stable and safe. To protect itself from misuse the XC3 has inbuilt current limiting and a self resetting internal fuse.
This kind of low noise audiophile power supply would normally be sold as an expensive luxury upgrade, but it comes as standard on the XC3.

High Quality Hardware.
The XC3 is housed in a high quality custom machined aircraft grade Aluminum enclosure.
The XC3 is made in Manchester, England.

Why do people have a dedicated headphone Amplifier?

Headphone amp features

  • Mosfet Headphone Output using Zetex mosfets
    for a very linear, low impedance response..
  • Twin 1/4" (6.35mm) jack sockets.
    Will power up to 2 low impedance headphones simultaneously
  • Class A design for lowest distortion
    with no crossover artifacts affecting the sound. Noise <1mV.
  • Ultra Low impedance output
    keeps the headphone diaphragm under precise control at all times.
  • Self Balancing design
    for long term stability and reliability. DC offset guaranteed below <1mV.
  • Voltage gain of 2 (volume adjustable)
    gives a large volume boost to devices like mp3 players which sometimes have a low signal amplitude..
  • Directly coupled design responds fully down to just a few Hz.
    10hZ to 80KHz response, even with the most demanding headphones.
  • Compatible with all conventional headphones.
    From the lowest to the highest impedance.

Pre-amp features

  • Class A Mosfet active pre-amp output using Zetex Mosfets.
    Can drive any length of cable and any type of power amp input stage.
  • Smart Headphone output.
    Uses silver/gold relay to self mute when the headphones are connected.
  • High quality Gold Plated Connectors.
    By Neutrik.
  • Alps volume pot
    on remote linkage
  • Compact Design

The XC3 has been designed to be clear and transparent to complement our range of speaker amplifiers. With a gain of two, the XC3 is ideally suited for use as a pre amplifier or a headphone amp. Or both.

Upgrade your Audio Now.
The XC3 is backed up by a UK company, with full warranty and after sales support.

Purchase the XC3

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